Laney  Construction L.L.C. provides professional design and installation of   Pools & Outdoor Living Areas for commercial and residential projects.   We  install Stone Patios, Retaining Walls, BBQ Built Ins, Pavers, Fire Pits,  Swimming Pools, Landscaping, and Landscape Lighting.  Let us design the  best layout for you and or commercial needs.  If you would like a patio  extension with a new outdoor kitchen or a custom stone fire pit, we can  build it.  Weather you entertain lots of guests or just need more space  to relax and enjoy the view, we can construct the perfect space for  you.  Our natural stone installations are functional as well as  beautiful accents to your patio, flowerbeds, gardens, terraces, and  driveways.


Outdoor  living areas provide great spaces to get outside, exercise, and cool off.  Custom built in BBQ  grills, built from natural stone, will add a great addition to your  patio and increase the value of your home.  Extend your patio with  concrete, pavers or flagstone.  A custom fire pit or seating wall will  increase your seating and entertainment area.  Flagstone overlays and  concrete acid staining, will change your concrete patio into a more  decorative surface. 


We  can build custom stone retaining walls to match you home or building.   Retaining walls can be built to level, extend, or terrace your  property.  We build our walls with sturdy concrete footers with a custom  drain pipe system for proper drainage to prevent wall failures.  If you  need to extend your patio, but your property slopes downward, a  retaining wall can level that area to make the patio extension.  Using  the same stone as your home or building will make the retaining walls  look like they were built during original construction.


Paver  Stone driveways can be custom built to match you home or buildings.  We  will match your existing stone, roof, color, etc.  Pavers are not only  beautiful they are permeable, making them a green choice.  Pavers are  repairable from shifting ground and or tree roots.  They can be  reinstalled while concrete is just cracked or broken.  Pavers can be  overlaid over old, cracked, and or ugly concrete surfaces.

Laney  Construction has polite, efficient, clean, and knowledgeable crews to  construct your construction projects.  Our crews are hard working and  give great attention to the small details.  During construction, we will  listen and work with you from start to finish.  If you see something  that needs to be changed, we will work with you to add or make changes  to the original design.  So call us today and we will be glad to meet  with you and listen to your desires, and make suggestions to design the  best installation for you.  We are easy to work with and would be glad  to prepare an estimate for you.